Royal Budget Kenya Camping Safaris; Ultimate adventure

Royal Budget Kenya Camping Safaris; Ultimate adventure

looking for the Camping experience without the possible discomfort, Wildrace Africa Safaris has an ideal option. camping provides large walk in tents, complete with Electricity,beds and furniture, your own private bathroom with supplied water,hot shower and flush toilets.. whether you want to use our fully stocked restaurant and bar or Pitching your own tent in the bush gives you the feeling of really living in the wild. Image

The romance of an open campfire under a magnificent sky full of stars is undeniable, and night in the wild is a magical time, when the air rings with the whooping calls of hyenas and the dawn is heralded by the unforgettable sound of a lions roar,going to sleep only to wake up to teasing giggling funny beautiful creatures;hyenas…

contact us: Simon Milambo

Tour codinater/Reservation

Wildrace Africa Safaris


mobile: +254725971349

Town Hse. 8th floor, Kaunda street

opposite 20th century adj. Tratoria rst.


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