Wildrace Africa Safaris is a reputable Tour company based in Nairobi Kenya with lot of sub offices East and central Africa counties like;Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We are travel expats in the Entire east and central Africa

Amboseli is a land of giants. This is a place of wide dry plains, where the horizons stretch into the furthest distance and become one with the sky

Amboseli National park

kenya accommodation porini lion camp tent view We are skilled in budget comping safaris, cheap adventure and travel,balloon safaris, beach holidays/tours,family vacation, conferences activities, wildlife adventures,sports safaris, hotel bookings,scuba diving,water rafting, Masai Mara tours and Tanzania Serengeti cheap adventures,birding tours and safaris and honeymoon trips,holidays and adventures, Wildrace Africa safaris takes you through the magical adventure tour and holiday in Kenyans most attractive areas of lifetime!

Come on.. take a break, say hello to africa Kenya home of Travel,Adventure tours and safaris with wildrace africa safaris/www.wildraceafrica.com

Contact as info@wildraceafrica.com

cell phone +254725971349

Town house 8th floor, Kaunda street opposite to 20th century and adjacent to Tratoria restaurant


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