African Luxury Safari Tours Kenya

Explore the classical safari landscapes of Kenya’s renowned Masai Mara or Tanzania’s Serengeti in this amazing African luxury safari 

African safaris, Africa luxury safari tours, African safari Adventure to east African safari  on a Kenya Luxury Safari. Of all destinations the entire Africa, Kenya is where the concept of an African safari began and the magic of the open, game-packed Savannah still reverberates throughout this fascinating country.

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Not gratified content to rest on its safari laurels adopting to changing tastes ,­­ fashions our luxury lodges are among the best on the continent ranging from 3 stars to the high end luxurious safari accommodations in located in some of the supreme exclusive scenic points right at the heart of National parks and reserved packed with live action – services are more  professional, the accommodation outstanding and you’ll delight at some of the little extras: a picnic lunch under a shady tree, a cultural diversion or educational visit, the stunning locations hallmark of our best Kenya luxury lodges accommodation– you’ll be reaching for a chair to sink into after being bowled over by the views at our recommended properties – and that’s before you begin your activities, Charging Elephantexploring some of the continent’s most iconic safari destinations by vehicle, on foot and even by hot-air balloon. Sit open-mouthed in wonder at the thundering thrills of the wildebeest migration, follow a pride of lions on the hunt or do a double-take as you see millions of flamingos transform a steel-blue lake into a pink carpet.

Worry not of your safari plans, we cater for the interest of all our clients, An African safari evokes mystery, wonder and above all else, adventure! Our unique and memorable safaris to Africa, Kenya, Uganza, Tanzania and even to Rwanda offer views of towering dramatic mountain ranges, pristine beaches, ad-vast tracts of open plains, big wildlife counter, the big five and rich cultural activities. Go on African safaris and see the amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery on safari like no other…

Masai tribe
AMBOSELI, KENYA – OCT 13: Group of unidentified African men from Masai tribe dance with a tourist during a traditional show on Oct 13, 2011 in Amboseli, Kenya. They are nomadic and live in villages.

An African safari is the ultimate destination for honeymooners, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, there is something for everyone. Let us make your African safari an experience you will never forget! Wild race Africa, Kenyan and Tanzania budget safari tour, is the company for Great African Safari Vacation Adventure, ultimate African safari tours, Wildlife African Safari Vacation Holiday Africa in style

Our customized African safari packages bring you the wonders of Africa up-close and personal. We are specializes in planning and booking your custom and personalized African Safari tours to Africa, African adventure travel, African holiday tours.. As African Safari experts, we arrange African safaris to the finest destinations to Kenya national Parks, Kenya budget holidays tour, Nairobi Excursions, maasai mara, Chauffeur Driven marachuisafarilodgeServices, Airport and Hotel Transfers, Kenya car hire,  Kenya Beach Holidays, Mount Kenya Climbing,  Kenya Flights, Kenya Train Booking, Kenya Cultural Tours,  Kenya Tailor Made Safaris,Upcountry tour, Home stay, Tanzania safari, Tanzania luxury safari, Tanzania budget safari, Tanzania budget safari tours, Tanzania tours, Tanzania safari to Serengeti, Village Tours, Photography and Bird Watching Tour, Kenya Daily Departure Safari, Kenya Plantation Tour, Nairobi youth hostel, camping Kenya safari, Kenya tour operators, Amboseli national park, private safari, Samburu national park, Luxury Kenya lodge safari, Tanzania lodge safari…,don’t just go on a safari, go on a safari with the experts we are for an ultimate game viewing safari tour adventure of a personal touch of excellence hence big experience..


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